PaRents Day at Hunter PR

Daughter and dad

Daughter and dad

In a cool take on “Bring Your Child to Work Day,” Manhattan-based Hunter PR celebrated its 25th anniversary with “Bring Your Parents to Work Day” this week. Being a parent of a Hunter child, I qualified to attend.

Before the event I was emailed a questionnaire to find out how much I knew about public relations.  A couple of weeks later I found myself on Madison Avenue meeting my daughter Deanna in the lobby and heading into an event which drew nearly 200 people.

Hunter PR was founded in 1989 by Barbara Hunter, who, we were informed by Managing Partner Grace Leong, was the first woman in the United States to run a public relations agency back in the Mad Men-era.  Today, Hunter is a $20 million company with a wide variety of clients including legacy names like Scotch Tape, Jello, Kool-Aid, Monopoly, Arm & Hammer, Tabasco, and more.  The parents were invited there, I was told, to gain a better understanding of what their offspring did at work, especially given the general lack of understanding about what PR people do.  And the partners and the staff did exactly that through a series of workshops, office tours and networking.

One of the firm’s partners confided that when he heard Deanna’s dad was a PR professor at Hofstra, he wondered what they could teach a teacher.  I told him we can all learn from each other, and I was being sincere.  Teachers are sometimes accused of losing touch with the “real world,” often focusing on theory and not the practical aspects of the subject.  While I haven’t been at the front of the classroom long enough to have lost touch with what PR people do, I was thrilled to have this fun and unique opportunity to see the inside of a major PR agency run by seasoned and young professionals full of energy and ideas.  It truly was a learning experience for me, not to mention how proud I am of Deanna, my own rising PR star.  Your thoughts?

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  1. Christina Li | Reply

    Congratulations to my dear professor who has his own rising PR star. I think it’s an interesting idea to “bring your parents to work day”, also, it’s a wise idea to let parents know what their children really do at work places. Especially for the families like yours, you and your daughter both do PR, you can learn from each other. How interesting it is! What’s more, I think that related what we learnt on the class to the real PR world is very important. I believe that PR is a practical skill. As PR practitioners, we should not only know the knowledge about PR, but also know how to use it in real life.

  2. Christina Sewell | Reply

    Interesting enough, I remember growing up wondering what it was that my mother did for a living. Bring your child to work day never made any sense to me (I just knew I’d get a chance to play with Hasbro’s toys — one of FleishmanHillard’s previous clients). Most times it is hard for outsiders to grasp just what it means to be a Public Relations professional. The idea of “Bring Your Parents to Work Day” makes the most sense as the older you are the more you can begin to grasp the full concept of what PR is. (Plus, it’s nice to see why your child’s hair is beginning to gray haha)

  3. Kerri Tortorella | Reply

    “Bring Your Parents to Work Day” is a very clever concept. You spend your earlier years learning everything from your parents. Now, with the changing world of technology, not only is this a great idea for parents to learn more about what their children do as a profession, but there is a lot more they can learn about advancements in technology, social media, etc. Creative concepts like these are what makes for great PR!

  4. I think the idea of “bring your parent to work day” is awesome! An amazing way to show your loved one’s what a PR job entails on a daily basis. I wish other companies will do that, great way to network as well. I love your attitude about how we can all learn something new, is refreshing to hear that from a professor.

  5. I think that “Bring Your Parents to Work Day” is a very cool idea, an awesome way to show your loved one’s what a PR job entails on the daily basis. The attitude that you have is great one to have, we all can learn something new even if the field we specialize in. Is refreshing to hear from a Professor.

  6. Yejide Collman | Reply

    I think this was a great idea! Especially from an internal relations standpoint. It gives the employees and their families the opportunity to bond and share an experience relating to their profession. These kinds of events are important to making employees happy to work for the company and reduce retention.

  7. “Bring Your Parents to Work Day” is a brilliant idea! Wish every company did that! It also shows that they really care about their employees, which boosts employees’ morale. Also, I agree that it should be about what we can learn from each other, instead of trying to teach people your ways not taking their approach to PR in consideration. There is always room for improvement and the best way to improve is to exchange ideas and knowledge. No one knows everything.

  8. I think this is a marvel idea and not just for individuals who are employed in the PR sector. It really personalizes the relationship between employee and employer, and is a unique approach to employee relations. Hopefully more companies will follow Hunter’s lead.

  9. It’s a clever idea for a company to have a “bring your parents to work day.” It’s a nice gesture showing employees that the company values them as individuals, and demonstrates the importance of building a good work/life balance by providing parents the opportunity to better understand what their children’s profession.

  10. What a great idea! It’s cute to bring your children to work, sure, but what a fantastic opportunity to let your employees show off their work with pride! The workshops were a great idea, and you never know what kind of feedback you could get from a more experienced generation. As this example shows, you might even end up with a seasoned professional in your workplace who can offer insight and publicity through his blog…

  11. When I was younger my father always brought me to his job and I was always so excited to see all of the cool things that he did. The idea of bringing my father to my job is a fantastic idea. To be honest, he’s still a little confused on what PR professionals do. Whenever I bring up PR he thinks about marketing. I think showing my dad what PR people do will give him a better understanding the differences between marketing and public relations.

  12. I love the idea of a “take your parent to work day,” because I know that both of my parents are a little unsure of what exactly public relations is; I am sure it would help them if they saw first hand how it worked. It is also a good way for Hunter PR create a family-like environment for their employees, which would foster a better atmosphere to work in. It also goes to show that people are really never done learning, there is always something more that can be taught-even if you are a public relations professor.

  13. Katherine Hammer | Reply

    I think the concept of “bring your parent to work day” is fantastic. It’s always hard to explain to someone what your job entails until you actually go inside and experience it for yourself. I think that this day could help show parents how far their children have come, and what they’ve accomplished. I think other companies should participate in this as well, for it shows that the company cares about their workers and their business, and want to show others that they are a good company.

    I also agree with you, that we can all learn from each other. Learning from others makes us more experienced and more knowledgable. Like you said, public relations is a growing field, and experiencing new ideas from others will help it expand even further.

  14. Kendall Berman | Reply

    From the sounds of it, seems like a very cool and innovative event. I would be curious to know what kind of workshops? It’s a great idea and something I hope to have the opportunity to share what I do with my family down the road!

    And at no matter what stage in life someone is at or where they stand professionally, I believe there is always something to be learned. Keep an open mind because NO ONE knows everything! (Though you, Professor Morosoff, know A LOT!)

  15. It’s always fun to see what really goes on at a PR agency, especially from a student perspective. Being in the opposite position of a PR professor, having not necessarily gained the real world experience to be able to but the theories into practice, it’s encouraging and motivating to see what PR professionals really do. It also helps us pre-professionals get more material and examples to explain to family members exactly what we’re going to school to do.

  16. Francesco Vivacqua | Reply

    I am glad that the learning process for Professor Morosoff has not ended. I believe that when most people get to a certain point in their career, they feel that they do not need to learn anymore (because they think they know everything). This especially happens with professors who can sometimes come off as hard headed. So it is refreshing when a professor is open to learning, even if he/she already knows most of the knowledge from his/her field.

    As for the bring your parent to work day, I think that is a great idea. It is always fun to show your parents what you do.

  17. I think this was an awesome idea for Hunter. I couldn’t tell you how many times I have told people what I am going to school for, or what I want my career to be, and they have absolutely no idea what I am talking about. PR is not something that everyone understands, and most people that know about it don’t know the depth.

  18. Anthony Lucero | Reply

    Whether you’re a new comer or a veteran of your craft a certain beauty can be admired knowing new knowledge of the craft can be attained everyday. So much so,
    you can almost fall in love with your craft everyday all over again. Public relations, especially in the midst of the social media age, is adapting and embracing the changing tides, With the tides comes new knowledge. The Hunter event sounds like a fun a great way of introducing pr to those who have little knowledge of the field, as well as, introduce new ideas to those in the know.

  19. I really think it is awesome the Hunter PR incorporated “bring you parent to work day” into their agenda. It’s not very often that parents get to see what it is their child does at work each day. I feel like it is important especially for those parents who are not familiar in the area in which their child works in, to take a closer look. For those parents, such as Professor Morosoff, the experience was a little different because he is so familiar with what a PR professional does. I think that it was a great idea for you to go in and look at PR from a different point of view and observe and learn the Hunter PR way. Its very true when you say that teachers are sometimes accused of “losing touch with the real world” and because of that Im glad you got to experience that day with your daughter.

  20. Colin Sullivan | Reply

    I think this idea should be implimented for all PR practitioners. You can run out of breath with job descriptions and responsibilities but until you see the day-to-day often for those out of the industry, a PR office can be confusing. I would event suggest a “Bring Your Parents to Work Week” as each day can be a completely different day at the office working in PR.

  21. I think it is a great idea for a firm to host a ‘bring your parent to work day’ especially in PR because a lot of people aren’t sure exactly what PR professionals do. I think it is also good for professors to get back to their roots because sometimes I feel that they can loose touch with what brought them to the classroom. I feel that I’ve gained the most knowledge from professors that are part time and still work in the field. It is also exciting to know that there are PR places hiring young graduates to work for their firm!

  22. I also really like what this company is doing with the “bring your parent to work day” specifically because in this industry it can be so very difficult to explain to parents and older relatives what exactly it is that we do. I know personally some of my family smiles politely and nods when I tell them my major with a look of patronizing doubt in their eyes and I would LOVE to take them to something like this. I also agree with your statement that we can all learn from each other. PR is such a quickly growing field that there is always something new to learn or discover.

  23. I love the idea of “bring your parents to work day.” As a kid, I jumped on any opportunity to get to go to work with my father, so I hope I can only be so lucky to let him have the experience you did one day.

    I think the great thing about teaching and the world is that it’s always changing. So it only seems natural for the curriculum to keep up. I understand sometimes it’s hard to stay up to date, but I think it is important to be able to connect with your students because it adds value to your class.

  24. Olga Varnavskaya | Reply

    Being a teacher in the past myself, I do know that in this profession you never stop educating yourself. It’s an endless process. The world is constantly changing and developing. So should the teachers, to be able to provide modern, high quality education.

    It’s always good idea when companies organize some family oriented events. By doing it, they emphasize that they do care about their employees and their families. I wish more companies realized the importance of such corporate culture. It’s just common sense. For most of people there are two major compounds in life: family and work, where we spend half of our life. So smart companies know how stimulate their workers. The event like “Bring Your Parents to Work Day” once again reminded the parents of employees how proud of them they are, and the latter felt acknowledged and encouraged without financial stimulation being involved.

  25. “Bring Your Parents To Work Day” is such a cool idea. Personally speaking, my parents only have a loose grasp on what Public Relations actually means, so I think that in this field in particular, and for myself in particular, that sort of event is really great. However, in general, too, most parents love to feel involved in the lives of their children and enjoy these opportunities to feel proud, so I think that that is just awesome.

    I have to absolutely agree with your point on the importance of professors staying in touch with the potentially changing practical aspects of a profession. The “hands on,” skills based nature of my PR education at Hofstra (centered around classes like Copywriting, Media Relations, Tools, as well as skills like public speaking) is my favorite part of the program here. Due to this, I really appreciate efforts like the one you made to keep in touch with what is currently happening.

  26. I think Hunter’s “Bring Your Parents to Work Day” is a great idea. A lot of people don’t really know what exactly public relations professionals do, including some who may have children in the field. It’s one thing to tell someone what pr people do, but it’s a whole other thing when you experience it first hand. I think it’s important for parents to have an idea of what their children are doing at work. Not only do they know their child on a personal level, but they can get a look at them on a professional level.
    You make a good point that we can all learn from each other. It goes along with the saying that you learn something new every day. You may know a lot about something, but there is still so much to learn. In this case, you’ve never worked at Hunter, therefore you had things to learn about how they run their company.

  27. I think that bring your parent to work day makes perfect sense in the PR field. PR is the type of profession where people are constantly asking what exactly it is that you do or making assumptions as to what your job entails. Aside from this, I found your comments regarding professors getting out of touch with the field very interesting. I have had professors at Hofstra that I feel maybe are not quite in touch with current PR protocol as much as they are with what it was like in the past. PR is a constantly changing field and it is important for professors to be up to date on the expectations of PR professionals.

  28. Bring your parent to work day is such a good idea. When I was younger I would go into my parents work on bring your child to work day and learn about what they do. This takes an interesting spin on it, for since public relations is a relatively new industry, older generations may not be aware of what public relations entails. This provides an interesting spin while also educating older generations.

  29. “Bring your parent to work day” is such an amazing opportunity, especially considering the time we live in now. My mother has no idea what I’m going to school for. She understands I’m interested in journalism, public relations and photography, but she doesn’t really understand what that means in the “job world”. She’s slowly starting to understand by me telling her, but it would be an amazing experience to be able to show her. One day, I hope I work at a job that allows me to do so.

  30. I think that “bring your parent to work” is a great idea. Coming from 2 parents that have no idea what public relations is, it would be amazing if they could come to a day at my internship. And i also think that it is interesting that PR at Hunter college taught you new things that you can bring back and teach your students and vise versa.

  31. Bring Your Parents To Work Day is a really good idea. It gives parents insight as to what exactly their children are contributing into the workplace and also helps to establish a deeper bond between the parent and child. I agree with you that no matter what title or status we may have we can all learn from each other.

  32. In addition to the notion that teachers are out of touch and focus too much on theories instead of practical application, is the notion that “those that cannot do, teach.” Growing up with a mother who was a teacher, this saying always offended me. I always thought that those who were teachers were immensely selfless; that they *could* have gone into whatever professional field they were teaching in, but decided to support and mentor others to do so instead. I realize now that this might be a highly romanticized view of teaching, but I firmly stand by the fact that most teachers have their students’ best interests at heart.

    I particularly think Hofstra does a good job with the hands-on portion of PR. PR 107 offers a great opportunity to be part of a PR agency environment, work for a real non-profit client, and have tangible results to show in a resume or job interview. In addition, the three credits of an internship required by the PR major ensures that students get out in to the real world, interview on their own, land a job, and be PR professionals, even if the positions are entry level. I’ve learned just as much, if not more in these positions as I have in the classroom, and have often been able to supplement my tasks with things I have learned or am currently learning in the classroom.

  33. It sounds like you had a really great experience at Hunter PR with your daughter and the other families that attended. I think that’s a really great event that Hunter PR has set up. It’s nice for young professionals to have the opportunity to share a day in the life of a Hunter PR professional with their loved ones. I agree with you 100% when you mention that there is always more to learn. No matter how long you’ve been in the industry, there is always more to learn.

  34. I think Hunter PR provided a great program with ‘Bring Your Parent to Work Day’. Even though I have been studying media and public relations for more than five years now, I still have family members ask me what exactly I am doing. Many people, don’t realize the amount of responsibility public relations agencies have on a daily basis. As far, as attending as professor in public relations is it always nice to see PR in an out of classroom environment. While I was interning at PR agencies, I took what I learned in the classroom there but I also took away things I could never experience from reading a book. I think it is important that teachers don’t lose touch with how the world is working daily with the curriculum they are teaching. Some teachers fall into text book definitions and the right way to do things. As long as teachers and students keep an open mind, there should be no blurred line between what you learn in the classroom and what you actually do at an agency.

    Congrats to Deanna and all her success!

  35. Avalon Bohunicky | Reply

    I always looked forward to “Take Your Daughter to Work Day” when I was child. I have always been so interested in my dad’s profession, video editing and production, that I made sure I never missed an opportunity to shadow him. Seeing him at work allowed me to connect the dots between hearing at night about what he did during the day and actually seeing him do it. I believe that Hunter PR’s “Bring Your Parent to Work Day” gives parents the perfect opportunity to see how far their child has come. Parents can see how their child is applying the tools and knowledge that they learned from their education and past experience to their job. It gives parents who are not fully aware of what their child’s job entails to see exactly what they do each weekday. I believe that more companies and corporations should hold an “Bring Your Parent to Work Day” so that employees have the opportunity to show their loved ones what they do for a living.

  36. Bring your parent to work day is an example of inter-public relations that serves an important purpose for employees and their parents, like Professor Morosoff. I think it is a great way for employers to celebrate with their employees’ parents all the great work their children do for the company and make them feel proud. In addition, it is excellent to learn new things even if you are a professional in the field like Professor Morosoff. It goes to show that a person continuously learns new things no matter what stage one is at in his or her career.

  37. The idea of “bring your parent to work day” is an awesome idea. Even at this point in my life, my parents want to come and watch me broadcast a game instead of just listening to one. They feel it will give them a better perspective, and maybe even a prouder experience. I feel it is important for organizations to do this. Not only does it create a family friendly company, but it helps people learn. No matter how old you get, you cannot stop learning. PR is still one of those fields that is growing. The more that is educated, the greater understanding we will all have.

  38. This sounds nice. I am glad this was a learning experience for you. “Bring Your Parents To Work Day” sounds like something more jobs should have but what about the employers who are without parents? It would be a sensitive day for the parentless employers. What do you think about changing the theme to “Bring Your Relatives To Work Day?

  39. Alexandra Cohen | Reply

    I think that no matter how long you’ve worked in a specific field and the jobs that you’ve held within, you can always learn something new and you can always teach someone something they didn’t know before. I like Hunter’s idea of “Bring Your Parents To Work Day” because it’s a way for you to show off your success to your parents who are proud of your accomplishments.

  40. Brittany Witter | Reply

    This is so sweet! I think that is a really good idea for a company event for employees and their families. I think an event like this can make the office grow closer to each other for sure. I agree with you that just because you teach PR doesn’t mean there isn’t still things you can learn and teach us in the classroom. The industry is evolving everyday so there is truly always something new to learn.

  41. Devon Hambrecht | Reply

    I frequently get asking what PR entails and what I actually do in the PR world. My own parents are the biggest questionners about what my career will be like, what do i do and why. I think Hunter made a great choice in developing a “bring your parent to work day” because i honestly believe my own parents would deeply benefit from it. It is a great education tool for people who are not PR knowledgable, and I know it would be helpful from my own experiences.

    In terms of teachers “loosing touch with the real world”, I think that does not apply to you as a professor in the least. You are very helpful in connecting everything in the classroom to real world experiences and do so more then in a textbook format. Everything you teach will be beneficial to me and the rest of your students in the future during their time in the PR world.

  42. I find it fascinating that even though you’ve been in the PR world for nearly 30 years, you still manage to keep an open mind and constantly strive to learn and find new ideas by other PR professionals or even people just entering the field. It gives me hope by showing me that PR doesn’t have a limited structure and there are always new methods and tools to use for effective PR.

  43. LaChele Prophet | Reply

    I love the idea of “Bring Your Parents to Work Day” and what a great experience for you to see what your daughter does at work. I used to participate in “Take Your Son/Daughter to Work Day” and had a great time learning about what went on at my parent’s job. I think more places should do this sort of thing. I am very new to the world of public relations and one of my friend’s who works in the field said that I should come follow her around work for a day to get a sense of what goes on at her job. I am going to take her up on that offer when I get a chance to, if allowed. I am glad it was a great learning experience for you because even though you do work in the field that doesn’t mean they couldn’t teach you something new.

  44. Congrats to you and your daughter for being successful in the PR world. I agree with you that we can all learn new and different ideas from others. Your daughter learned from the best and took your techniques into school and work. You may learn in return from your daughter of real world techniques. I think this event was a great idea.

  45. Catherine Benny | Reply

    I like the idea of “bring your parent to work day” because it gives parents a hands on understanding of what their child actually does. As to the question of whether teachers can lose touch with their fields, I completely agree. I feel like a lot of professors lose touch with their discipline if they haven’t physically been in the field for a while, which can make their own teaching style kind of outdated and dry. Teachers need to be in touch with the current events of their discipline as well as their students. To be honest, I think that’s why I like a lot of my favorite professors, they can relate the classroom to the real world.

  46. Bert Cunningham | Reply

    What a terrific learning experience for all involved. And, how great it must be to see one’s daughter, or son, doing something they love. Congrats.

  47. I love the idea of a “Bring Your Parents to Work Day” because it gives the firm a better idea of how their employees grew up and gives parents a solid idea of what their child is working for day-to-day. I know that if in the future my parents ever receive an opportunity like that they would be the first in line. My parents love to see me working and are truly interested in what I want to dedicate my future to. Hunter made a very smart move promoting themselves to the families of their employees.

  48. I think that it was really cool Hunter PR participated in a “bring your parent to work day,” a little twist on “bring your kid to work day.” It’s important to see what your kids are doing in the work place, because we all know how curious parents are. It was even cooler that Hunter took in a special interest with you because you teach public relations and you reassured them anyone can learn from anyone. I completely agree with you because everyone has their own set of knowledge that can differ.

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